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1   Gods and symbols of ancient Mexico and the Maya
1   The gods and symbols of ancient Mexico and the Maya : an illustrated dictionary of Mesoamerican religion / Mary Miller and Karl Taube
1   The Gods as we shape them / / F. Sierksma
1   Gods, guardians, and lovers : temple sculptures from North India A.D. 799-1200 / edited by Vishakha N. Desai, Darielle Mason
1   Gods, kings, and tigers : the art of Kotah / edited by Stuart Cary Welch
1   Gods of Angkor : bronzes from the National Museum of Cambodia / Louise Allison Cort and Paul Jett, editors ; with essays by Ian C. Glover ... [et al.].
1   The gods of Northern Buddhism : their history, iconography and progressive evolution through the Northern Bouddhist countries / by Alice Getty
1   Gods of the byways : wayside shrines of Rajasthan, Madya Pradesh and Gujarat
1   Gods, thrones, and peacocks : Northern Indian painting from two traditions : Fifteenth to nineteenth centuries / Stuart Cary Welch, Milo Cleveland Beach
1   Godville / / Omer Fast

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